Radio Frequency (RF) optimization is the procedure of outlining and arranging the cell destinations to meet scope and limit necessity with indicated nature of services and activity request. We offer RF improvement services over different innovations, for example, Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) and Long Term Evolution (LTE) covering, yet not restricted to.


1) Defining missing neighbor relations

2 Proposing new sites or sector additions with Before & After coverage plots

3) Proposing antenna azimuth changes

3) Proposing antenna tilt changes

4) Proposing antenna type changes

5) BTS Equipment/Filter change


RF Optimization is one of the key difficulties in any Cellular Network. Enhancement is a nonstop procedure and aides in comprehension the weaknesses in the Network. These inadequacies as far as scope, QoS can be set right with suitable measures. Streamlining helps in unearthly productivity. Streamlining will be nonstop and iterative procedure of enhancing over all system quality. Zone of interest is separated in littler are as called bunches to make improvement and subsequent procedures simpler to handle.

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